Marilores Lopez is the main protagonist in Marilores.

Marilores new design

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Despite being the second-oldest of the Lopez children, she is the most unintelligent. However, she is easy-going and happy-go-lucky.Various examples of her simple-mindedness are expressed throughout the series.Despite this, she's shown to be skilled at fashion designing, wood carving, lock-picking, and making smoothies, which demonstrates that while she may not be very bright, she is creative, and artistically inclined. She is also the kindest out of the bunch, and gets along well with her friends.

Appearance Edit

Marilores has long, black hair and is outlined by a pale green and appears to glow like other ghosts do.For the rest of the pilot, she wears her hair in a ponytail held by ectoplasm.In the tv series, she wears her hair in a loose ponytail with side bangs.Her main outfit is a Spanish style white blouse and red skirt.With this, she wears red hoop earrings,necklace with a red bead, sandals topped with red bows, and a dark pink or red cat hat.

Trivia Edit

  • In Relative Chaos,it is revealed that Marilores come from a large family.